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Whatever your business size, or whatever industry, we have a service suitable for your needs.


Compactors – the ultimate solution for efficient waste management. These compactors are engineered to streamline your waste disposal process

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Regardless of the business sector you operate in, commercial energy costs are can be a confusing and time-consuming affair with considerable outlay.

That’s why we have partnered with ASH Energy, to provide the perfect solution for all commercial businesses!

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A solution that suits your budget without the hassle of wading through a flood of offerings.

Do you choose a variable or fixed plan? Is a 3-year contract better than a 2-year contract? Which supplier is reliable?

Don’t fear, ASH Energy is here for you. We’ll take the hassle out of switching your commercial energy provider and we won’t charge you a penny to do it! That’s right, it’s FREE.

We work alongside the most trusted names in the energy sector, both big and small. We’ll find you deals that are transparent and easy to understand with renewals for ALL commercial businesses.

Our specialised team scrutinises the energy market to facilitate your cost reduction and provide you with the most competitive solutions available. From our findings, you choose, we switch your provider and its DONE!

Sit back and enjoy the savings!

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